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That’s the word that best describes the moment you first look into your child’s eyes. At Project 18 we want you to keep that wonderful feeling of awe as you progress through every stage of family life together. It’s not easy, but then again, the most rewarding experiences rarely are.

Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll be there with programs and activities to support and inspire you along the way. Need a little extra help? If we don’t offer it, we know who does.


This summer project 18 teens decided they wanted to make a difference in this valley, and they put on an amazing FREE camp to get kids ready for Kindergarten!  The kids loved every minute of the numbers, reading, letters, and creation stations.  To see all the pictures from camp just click on the collage below:


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❤ Fams & Tots Events


Grades K – 6th




Project 18 strives to engage children’s innate sense of awe and wonder by providing experiences that allow children to explore, question, create, learn, grow, seek and find.

It is our goal to provide safe, loving, and nurturing places and programs where children can be themselves and are loved for exactly who they were created to be.

Age appropriate activities are designed to encourage a love for God and God’s creation.

Concrete answers are not provided here. Students are presented with stories, concepts and ideas and are encouraged to develop their own sense of meaning and truth. 



wonder bubbles

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Sunday School

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7th – 8th

7and8explorebuttonAt Project 18 we recognize that exploration is a key theme of middle childhood.

Early adolescence is a time for tweens to gather information, exploring who they are and how the world works. Opportunities and programs at Project 18 are created with this in mind.  During these years we emphasize the importance of values and character development with our participants.

Upcoming trips:

Beyond Backyards: A middle school backpacking trip through the White River National Forest. Explore your own backyard July 5-7. $80/person.  Sign up today.

BEYOND Middle School Trip

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9th – 12th


In 9th – 12th grade teenagers begin to define who they are and what they stand for. At Project 18 we understand that teenagers are busy. Our goal is to meet teenagers where they are, supporting them in what they already do. We strive to produce well-rounded individuals, helping our participants to identify ways in which they can develop themselves more fully, nourishing their whole self.


Beyond Bike Tour: High Schoolers, explore Colorado in the saddle. You are guaranteed a beautiful, challenging, and (of course) awesome ride. June 9-14. Sign up today.


Beyond John Muir Trail: A ten day backpacking trip for the class of 2016. Graduating seniors will join Coulter from June 16-27 for the journey of a lifetime. Approximate cost $450/person. Sign up today.


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